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What is Fudge?

A smooth, creamy, handmade candy made with real butter, sugar and cream. We make it the traditional way - cooked in a copper kettle, creamed to the right consistency, cooled and sliced for your enjoyment!

Do you have gluten free products?

Yes! We have a variety of candy, ice cream and confections that are gluten free, as well as products made in gluten free facilities. You can see some of the options we offer, as well as other allergy sensitivities on our candy & gourmet page. Please be advised that The Sweet Shop is not an allergen free enviornment.

Can I order a gift basket or gifts for events?

Of course! We have customizable options as well as our gifting and corporate line. Just send us a message or give us a call and we would love to talk about your gifting needs.

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